onsdag 21 maj 2014

The island

- What is the massage of the film regarding the value of human life? How does it work with the fact that the film also contains a lot of violence?

I would actually say that the value of human life is not so positive in this movie. 
In the film most of the people that have payed for the products, didn’t know that they looked like humans and lived like humans. The reason Dr Merrick didn't what to show that to the rest of the world just because he knew that real people have feelings, and would probably look at it as a crime to make new people and then just kill them. That’s why he is telling his customers that they are just products and that they can’t feel. The people are not aver of what is actually happening and you can’t tell if they would stop being sponsors or if they wouldn't care if they knew,  because people are selfish and don't want to die, an example is Tom Lincoln. He got to know the secret that Dr Merrick have kept for so long but still wanted to hand Lincoln (6 Echo) and Jordan (2 Delta) in. 
I think the audience should react to what Tom did and think about it, what would they do? Because unfortunately there are more selfish people on this world then caring people, that’s why i think it is not a positive value on the humans but a very true though. 
I think the violence is to both mark that the barbarity in the real world is growing and what it could lead to, and to show that the good will always win. Even if it’s almost impossible you just have to believe in it. The most violence were between the products and the workers they had their own war, the workers wanted to still have a business. They wnated to have the products unknowing about the world so they could keep them in order without trouble. You could see at the end that all that talk the workers had with the products about how special they were was not true they didn’t care about them, they could kill the products without event thinking about it twice. Which again leeds to our real world. You can never know who is your real friend or who will just stick a knife in your back when they get a chance. 

- What does Jordan mean when she says, ”The island is real. It’s us.”  What, if anything, is this saying about the human hope for some paradise or heaven?

When Jordan (2 Delta says)  ”The island is real. It’s us.”  She and Lincoln (6 Echo) had fallen in love for the first time. They never knew what love was before they felt it. But they recognised the feeling from the lottery, when they hoped to be chosen to go to the island. 

The operators always told the products how beautiful the island were and in that way, even if the workers didn’t knew, they learned the products how to hope and feel. They made them just like humans, they could love but they just didn’t understand that they had the ability to do that. Everyone was so happy every time they won, they felt blessed to finally be chosen and that is almost the same feeling as love. You are blessed to be loved and to be able to love back and that is our real paradise and heaven. I think that Jordan 2 Delta told  the world the truth about love, sometimes you just think your partner is the best but  he isn’t a real paradise, but anyhow you will always find your own paradise that will give you freedom and happiness. 

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