onsdag 21 augusti 2013

Dear diary..

I hade a special day. 
Me an my family moved to a new town Angelus. On the way to the house a police stopped us. My dad walked out with no wories. After my dad and the police had a talk, the police got to know that my dad is his new boss. So we asked the plice to show us the way to our new home. I really thougth it is going to be bad, but not that bad ass it was. Wen we walked in my mum tried to chear us up with her good humor, but we all knew that it was terible. After we took a round a round the house we decided to go to my high school to writte me in. I was really scared, after some small troubles with writting in I needed to do just one more thing. Then i meet the moust beautiful girl I ever seen. I never meet a girl that made me forgett how to say dad and house. I foold my self out completly. After this awful expirience, i decided to take a surfing tour. I was perfect until i feel and I hurt my self in the balls. It hurted so much. A guy helpped me home were my supportive family waited on my to make jokes. That is my fabulouse day. 


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