onsdag 6 november 2013

We know were you live: Ending

Emma couldn't stand this anymore she decided that she couldn't be afraid for ever. So she went to the police and the detective. She showed them the messages that she got. They read them carefully. After 10 minutes they went to a separate room and started to talk. 
- That is a serious crime, said detective Wilden.
- Yes I know, but how are we going to find out who seended them? asked the police.
- Well, let me think, answered the detective. 
- I know! screamed the detective with a flame in his eyes. 
- Tell me, sad the police, when rolling his eyes. 
- I have a friend who is a phone genius, he can find anything that has to do with a phone. Even a human..
- That is great, said the police officer. 
Booth of them walked happy, of they conversation and the news they had for Emma, out of the door. Then suddenly the police officer stopped detective Wilden in the door. He bend down and whispered..
-Could you do me a favor? 
- Sure whats up brother, laughed the detective. 
- This is serious, when you say the news to the lady don't say it with so much entusiasm like you did to me, that is not professional. 
The detective looked the police officer in the eye and than just walked out without saying any word. 

-Well miss, we have good news!

After teeling the whole plan to Emma they decided to send detective Wildens friend detective Stone to be with her everytime until the mission was done, it was all for safety.  

A week after the meeting with the police officer and the detectiv, they did find out who was sending the messages. It was Simon, he wanted a pay back after  the break. They closed the man in jail for a year and Emma did never get the messages again. But she was still scared to get them so she decided to move out and live in her dream country, Australia. So she could get as far away as possible  from all the treats and problems. 

She did the right thing, because she never got the treats again and she found a boy who did propose to her and they are getting married! 

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