onsdag 12 februari 2014

Character tracer

The main character is a 15 years old woman. She goes to a boarding school, St. Martin’s school, in Africa where her mother and father teach. The main character is the only white pupil in that school. She really likes going to school, and being with her friends. Sometimes she even forgets that she is white, which shows that she feels very comfortable there. She doesn’t sleep or live in her parents’ house, she lives with her friends in a dormitory. 

The girl is in love with a boy that is also in her school. His name is Gift. Everytime he runs by, her heart starts to beat twice as fast as normal. 

He is two years older then she is. Gift is tall, strong and very handsome. The only problem with him is that he is engaged with another girl. When the main character finds out that he is engaged, she becomes very sad. Suddenly, she doesn’t know what to say to him anymore. She starts to wonder why he actually asked her to come with him to his house. Before, she was sure that he loved her, but now she is not sure anymore. She decides that she will come over it and learn more about Africa instead. 

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