onsdag 12 februari 2014

"The streets" Summerize

”The street of a city can be a battlefield, in this story Richard Wrights about how his mother thought him how to survive in such a street.”

The boy was very hungry and he complained about it all the time. But his mother sad that he need to wait. He looked at his mother and sad again ”I am hungry”. She answered ”where is your father?” the boy knew that it was his father that always brought food home, but his father wasn’t there anymore and because of that the boy knew he won't get any food. 

The days passed and the boy was more and more hungry, finally his mother found a job and gave them a lot of bread. But the boys were alone in the apartment all day and then their mother came back she was tired and unhappy. She learned them very soon how to take care of them selfs and one day she asked the older soon to go to the grocery and buy food. The boy did as his mother told him, but on the way to the grocery he meet a gang. They knocked him down took his note, his basket and the money from his mother and sen him running home in panic. When he came back home his mother asked him what happened and why he don't have the groceries that she asked for. The boy told her everything, but she sad ”Go on and don't pay attention to them”. The same thing happened one more time but this time when the boy was back home his mother wouldn't let him in until he had the groceries she asked for. She gave him a new basket some more money and a long heavy stick. This time when the gang came close he could protect himself and it worked the gang run away. He finally understood what just happened, he took his note and went to the store proud and happy as never. 

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