fredag 20 mars 2015

Freaky fashion

As I said in my first post, I am a tomboy. Which means that I dress very similar to a boy. The difference between me and the boys in my crew is that I wear a lot of accessories, such as earrings. I usually wear oversized t-shirts and I buy my trousers in stores for boys. Sometimes people give me weird looks, but usually they thinkit's cool that I am brave enough to show who I am through my clothes. I get a lot of attention for it but I like it anyway.

My favorite accessories are earrings, because they can make an average outfit stylish. There are many different shapes, sizes and colours. My absolute favourite earrings are big, round and shiny. They make everything look a lot better. There are also many different styles of earrings, such as small pearls, small and round earrings, big round earrings, and other creative shapes (for example owls or hearts).

Which style is your favorite? Answer in the right corner (you have to drag the mouse over the right corner and the diagram will show)

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