tisdag 4 december 2012

Questions to the text

1. What did they do on Samhain?

2. What did the Celts believed?

3. When used the  All Souls’ Day be? 

4. When is it now? 

5. Why were the people nervous about walking in the dark? 

I answer to Elins questions.

1. When was the Samhain? 

Answer: On 31st October.

2. What was they afraid of?

Answer: They were afraid of evil spirits.

3. And what did they do for that thing they was afraid of?

Answer: They dressed up as witches or ghosts, to scare the spirits away.

4. When was the All Hallows' Day?

Answer: 1st November.

5. What should you remember from All Hallow' Day? 

Answer: You should remember all the good Christians who had died but not become saints.

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