fredag 7 september 2012

Mail to Sarah

Hi Sarah! 

I am so happy that you made some friends in your new school! 
It sounds like Mr. Franklyn is very nice. Hope you going to feel good in you new school. And dont forget that when you have friends everything goes better! 
I think it’s a great idea to try volleyball. It’s so great that you live so near Piccadilly Circus! 
London must be beautiful and it must be awesome to live there.
The gang misses you so much so do I! It’s not the same with out you everything was funnier when you were here! But I think we need to live with it ;) 
The gang and I were thinking if we can come and visit you in London it would be so nice to see everything in London and maby we can visit Oxford to! 
Hope you going to have a nice time in London and that you make many new friends!   

Best wishes, Jane!  

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