fredag 9 november 2012

The haunted doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl who moved to a house with her parents. The family found a doll in the cellar. The doll soon became the girls favourite. The girl didn’t know much about the doll. It seemd to be a normal and good doll, but she had a scary past.  Her privious owner died in a fire that destroyed the house and everything in it but the doll. Then she turned to an evil doll. The thing with the doll was that she was almost immortal. The only thing that could kill her was fire.  The doll had a strong feeling for revenge and decided to get rid of her new owner.  

One night the doll started to talk. She told the girl to go away and never come back, because if she comes back the doll would have to kill her. The girl was really scared, she ran away to her parents. So they came to tell her that it was just a dream. 
But next night the girl told her parents to sleep with her.
And then the doll started to talk again. The parents started to scream and threw the doll away out into the dark and cold night. But it didn’t help because the doll got back in the room just as fast as she was thrown out. They didn’t know what to do, but then they found a little book in the dolls hand. There it was written that the doll can only die in a fire. But not any fire, it must be a house on fire.
The parents didn’t want the doll to live anymore so next morning they decided to start a fire. They put the doll inside of the house, and they put the house on fire. When the house burned down they saw ghosts comimg from the fire. 
Luckily the doll was now gone, but unfortunatly the house too.
The family moved into their old house and lived happily ever after, and they never bought a doll again.  

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